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Explore the possibilities of an effective Email Marketing.
Thanks to our solutions You can create an effective mailing in a very simple way.


Benefits and strategy


Increase of sales, income and customer confidence

Email marketing is one of the most effective source of communication with the present and potential customers. The majority of the society have electronic mail and their first and last activity during the day is to check it.


Optimal budget planning

Thanks to explicit statistics You can easily check how effective is Your mailing campaign and then plan Your future budget.


Effective and automated work

Among our solutions aimed to optimize Your work You will find:
- Email creator which has a base of 130 professional templates.
- WYSIWYG is an editor which creates mailing campaigns from scratch.
- Email personalization consists of unlimited and free email hosting.
- Automatic unsubscribe process.
- Automatic support of bounced emails.
- Avoiding anti-spam filters is an analysis of emails for key words characteristic for spam.


The possibility of conducting advanced mailing campaigns

CrazyGecko allows to conduct comparative tests by which You will learn which of Your campaigns is the most effective. Autoresponder will allow You to send an occasional promotional emails. Administrate accounts when subscribers open Your emails or they perform actions.


Intuitive support of developed address databases

You have the possibility of filtering contacts and pin them to individual groups based on information about location or interests. What is more, You can use large groups of contacts from Your list. Thanks to this function, You can delete the contacts completely or You can mark them as unsubscribed with the aim of not to receive any new messages.


We enable automatic registration of completed actions

The planned sending function will enable You to quickly send emails or plan their sending at a later date. We also enable easy mailing campaigns to multiple recipients at the same time. Duplicated email will be automatically deleted before sending.


Own domain and dedicated IP address

Thanks to the IP address and Your own domain the effectiveness of Your email marketing actions depends only on the quality of Your databases and sent messages.


Developed API and integration with Google Calendar and Google Analytics.

Reliable XML API can be used to add and remove contacts on the list and also to recover and update details of these contacts. CrazyGecko fully supports Your Google Calendar. You can easily add reminders or edit them just by clicking the option “add to Google Calendar”, right next to every field with date. During sending mailing campaigns, You can write detailed information in Google Analytics and referential code will be added to all of the links in Your mail. You will have a full control of the number of visits and You will check the e-commerce conversion for these campaigns.


SPF, DKIM, rDNS configuration

Email configuration eliminates threats like impersonating mail recipient, obtaining personal data or money by false pretences.


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Start building Your greatest value


Create and manage unlimited amount of contact lists without any restrictions and contact limits


Use inbuilt Mini CRM function which enables You to have full control over possessed records and planning tasks for them


Extract new contacts thanks to Your websites integration with systemic forms and create them in a very simple way


Access thoroughly selected groups of recipients using segmentation based on all the key results


Classify and assign additional information about Your subscribers by the possibility of creating unlimited number of additional fields


Specify Your subscribers preferences thanks to surveys and forms created due to “drag and drop” method

A few simple steps that will increase Your effectiveness

Create Your email or use over 130 templates by means of Intuitive Template Editor
Build relationships with customers by personalizing emails and increase Your effectiveness using static and dynamic content
Check Your creation for anti-spam filters and correct display in different email programs
Use the possibility of creating advanced segments and unlimited additional fields in order to optimal matching of groups of your recipients
Increase recipients loyalty with the potential offered by the autoresponder and triggers, matching actions to the reaction or events of Your recipients
Deskill the test process of several advertisements and let CrazyGecko measure their effectiveness and realize the best option
Create several creations and conduct automatic tests of their effectiveness and users interactions

Ensure your success always and everywhere

Accurate statistics

Increase Your success analyzing an accurate statistics for openings, clicks, entries and bouncing

Integration and analysis

Minimize Your costs using integration with Google Analytics so You can analyze conversion, income per email and the whole sales process

Archive and action history

Re-enter Your statistic data from previous sendings any time by archiving Your activities including RSS feeds

Your database is precious

Create a plan to optimize results due to current sources analysis and email campaigns influence on the other communication channels with the customer

Planning and optimization

Create a plan to optimize results due to current sources analysis and email campaigns influence on the other communication channels with the customer

Additionally use

Optimization sending time

Moving subscribers to any lists as a result of taken actions

Link usage “Send to a friend”

An effective management of data

An extended A/B um tests

Use our experience

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