Dedicated offer

We created an efficient and effective solutions
which You can freely combine matching Your needs.


You have well-developed address databases and You want to optymize the cost of Your mailing?

Try our dedicated solution

No limits in the number of sent
messages (even up to 500 000 per hour)
No limits in the number of mailing lists,
segments, customized fields and so on
No limits in the number of html messages,
added photos, dynamic tags.
No limits in the number of sent surveys
and used triggers and autoresponders
Accurate statistics concerning individual
mails and customer account

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The latest solutions

An individual IT infrastructure based on the latest solutions

The individual domains

The ability of the individual setting of mailing domains with the possibility of assigning up to 32 independent IPs to each of them

The individual keys

The possibility of the individual assignment of DKIM, SPF, rDNS keys to the mailing domain

Swapping links

Fully customized process of substitution of mailing links based on the assignment of a domain for the user


Full service of MTA / SMTP

Reliable help

Full care and technical support 24/7


Thorough monitoring of domain and IP reputation on RBL lists

Additional covering tools

  1. Database analysis and checking its operation
  2. Record of logs including errors and PHP warnings
  3. Checking files and folders permissions
  4. Event log

Dedicated solutions are much more

The possibility of simultaneous work of 20 users, including assigning individual rights to the system

The possibility of creating numerous groups of users and assigning them the exact permissions

The possibility of assigning each of the users the maximum size and volume of mails, permissions concerning attachments, daily and monthly limits and so on

Full statistics concerning customer accounts in terms of daily, weekly, monthly and annual as well as non-standard dates

Full statistics of contact lists in terms of openings, clicks, bouncing, unsubscriptions and the most active domains

Automated analysis process of return mails and mailing databases cleaning

custom branding

automatic updates
for one year

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