Looking for an optimal tool for sending effective mailings?

Get familiar with a tool which will help You to realize Your email marketing campaigns on the higher level.

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What is CrazyGecko?

Crazy Gecko offers You a full set of tools which enables You to create, send, track and profit from Your email marketing activities.
Additionally, offers reliable tools to completely automate Your email marketing and monitor the activity of the subscribers
on an ongoing basis.

High performance and the ability to support unlimited database
Whether Your database has 1 000 or 1 000 000 subscribers from CrazyGecko, You can easily realize Your email marketing activities.
Domain and IP’s reputation independent from other users and the company
You are responsible for Your actions. Thanks to dedicated IP address the effectivity of Your email marketing actions depends only on the quality of Your databases and sent messages.
Complete automation of email sending thanks to unique autoresponders
Thanks to CrazyGecko You can automate the process of sending notifications and responses from Your users depending it from the individual needs.
The real increase in effectiveness of email campaigns
Independent IP addresses, wide functionality, automatic process of hygiene of Your databases, complete statistics are only one of the possibilities that will lead Your mailing to a perfection.
Periodic and automatic process of taking care of the quality of the database
We know how important the hygiene of address bases is. That is why CrazyGecko is equipped with the function which enables automatic process of managing hard and soft bounces on the basis of bounced emails.
A complete preview and the possibility of monitoring subscribers’ activities
Well-developed statistics and integration with Google Analytics at the level of creating emails will give You the opportunity to fully measure the effectiveness of the campaign and realization of set objectives.
The opportunity of creating customized surveys
As a few on the market, we enable You to conduct an additional actions which aim is to acquire information about Your subscribers.
We fight with SPAM.
In order to allow healthy competition for our customers, care for high reputation of our software and technical base which influence the efficiency of Your mailing, we constantly monitor our domains and IPs reputation and any accusation of spam is thoroughly explained.
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Are you starting an adventure with email marketing?
Try our optimal tool.

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Do you have millionth base?
Check our dedicated solution.

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The most important features

Completely based
on the HTML browser.

Over 130 build-in email templates.

Campaign’s creator leading
You step by step

Full edition of
WYSIWYG campaign

Extensive personalization
of messages

The possibility of creating
text and HTML messages

An effective, automated
and unlimited autoresponders

Archive of sent
creations in RSS

Comparative tests AB
without creation limit

Full campaigns’

New forms of surveys
and opinions

Automatic processing
of bounced emails

Build-in Mini CRM

Integration with Google

Integration with Google

Our own API based
on XML

Do You send large amounts of emails? Try our dedicated solution!

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Constant confidence building among
Your subscribers

Real increase of brand
and image recognition

The possibility of increasing income
and costs optimization

Constant increase in deliverability
and the effectiveness of Your campaigns

No monthly fees
for sent messages

No limits on the number
of sent messages per hour


The possibility of free use
of the system for many mailing lists

The possibility of integration with the internal
CRM system

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